ALDA map design

Maps for tourism and events

To make your guests enjoying their stay.

Our maps are simple-to-use orientation tools tailored to your needs.

Easy to understand, rich in information and –last but not least– attractive, they help visitors to make the most out of their time.

Chess Olympiad 2014: players from the Dominican team with the map designed for the event.
Tromsø city map 2018 for Visit Tromsø (detail).
Tromsø city map 2018 for Visit Tromsø, front and back.

Promoting your activity

Do you run a shop or a touristic business?

A custom map for your ads or your promotional material will help people find you easily.

Location of Malangen Resort with driving distances from the main towns in the area: map for promotional material (detail).
Regional map for the magazine "Visit Tromsø Region", winter issue (detail).

Visualizing information

Making sens of complex data

Maps and diagrams are an efficient way of visualizing data. It makes it easier to present complex information to an audience, share it on the media or discuss it within your team for decision-making purposes.

Map for an internal report for Tromsø Kommune about accessibility to the new swimmingpool: walking distances between Tromsø Badet and the parking places closeby (detail).
Infographics for Tromsø Kommune: why cyclists would benefit from a ferry over Tromsøysund (detail).

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